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Fire Dot Com was established in 1999 by Dave Ries who is fully qualified in the field of fire and emergency systems for buildings. He has over 25 years in the professional fire service and has dealt extensively with industrial and commercial project approvals and fire legislation applicable to buildings. Due to the demand in the industry for a professional and reliable service in this field of fire and emercency systems, Fire Dot Com was born.

After a number of years spent improving their services they were asked by suppliers and clients to expand their services to meet needs in all communication areas. This has led Fire Dot Com to push the extreme limits of the systems they use and to follow the fast pace of the advancement in electronic technology.

Why use Fire Dot Com ?

Fire Dot Com uses only the best products and therefore are able to maintain their service contracts with their clients. Fire Dot Com has endeavored to provide the best solutions to its customers through their vast years of experience, commitment to quality, training and good service. Fire Dot com is a company committed to helping their customers secure and protect their premises so that they will feel safe and secure.




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